Saturday 326

And you thought orals were hard

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Dance your dissertation, baby.

These are so cool.

“Uneasy Alchemy: Citizens and Experts in Louisiana’s Chemical Corridor Disputes” by Barbara Allen, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1999

Makes me want to read the book.
Uneasy Alchemy: Citizens and Experts in Louisiana’s Chemical Corridor Disputes by Barbara Allen, MIT Press 2003

Who knew: marine biologist make great dissertation dancers.

“Environmental Controls of Phytoplankton Community Structure in the Santa Barbara Channel, CA: Application to the Dynamics and Detection of Harmful Diatom Blooms” by Clarissa Anderson, UCSB 2007

Makes the internet worthwhile.
“Hydrodynamic trail detection in marine organisms” by Christin Murphy, University of South Florida College of Marine Science 2012 (expected)

“The invention and adoption of marine conservation technologies to successfully reduce bycatch of protected marine species” by Kiki Jenkins, Duke University 2006

I think the judges might understand science better than they understand dance: The 2009 AAAS/Science Dance Contest (gonzolabs.org/dance/contestants/). Perhaps I’ll rejoin AAAS. These dances would make a great festival. But the four official winners will not draw me to Chicago in February.


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  1. nice.

    Comment by Altaira — Saturday 326 @ pm

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