Tuesday 329

Criticism’s loss

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Deresiewicz writes many nice turns of phrase. And makes a nice point about mimesis. And criticism. Highly recommended.

How Wood Works: The Riches and Limits of James Wood” by William Deresiewicz in The Nation 2008-11-19

For the New York critics, novelists are people; for Wood, people, including novelists, are ideas.

His powerfully associative mind tends to run him into logical cul-de-sacs that his supreme self-assurance prevents him from noticing.

I don’t know how we’re going to get back to the kind of criticism the New York critics wrote, or the kind of intellectual life that criticism made possible. [emphasis added]



  1. Do you think that it’s “The kind of intellectual life that criticism made possible”, or the kind of life that made criticism possible? I see our lifestyle in the States to have developed into a kind of ever-satiated peasantry, where any type of true criticism would serve as an unpleasant reminder of a powerless reality.

    Comment by altairah — Wednesday 330 @ am

  2. Trilling’s Sandbags: Lionel Trilling’s Critical Essays” by Stefan Collini in The Nation 2008-12-03

    Comment by zundel — Saturday 340 @ pm

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