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Put out your arm

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Indonesia may tag AIDS victims” by Niniek Karmini from AP in the Toronto Star 2008-11-25

Lawmakers in Papua, Indonesia’s largest province, have thrown their support behind a controversial HIV/AIDS bill requiring some sufferers to be implanted with a microchip to track their whereabouts.

It won’t happen, but worrying that they consider it. They attempt to stem the growing pandemic with inapt technology and draconian state invasion of privacy. Instead they need to provide education and condoms.

Papuans with HIV/AIDS to get microchips” by Angel Flassy in The Jakarta Post 2008-11-22

Councilor John Manangsang said the microchips would only be implanted in people living with HIV/AIDS who were deemed to be “aggressive”.
“Aggressive means actively seeking sexual intercourse. This is one way to protect healthy people,” he said.

So, sex becomes illegal for someone with HIV?


Cry the beloved country: microchip madness from Indonesia” by Elizabeth Pisani in The Wisdom of Whores 2008-11-25

In terms of patterns of both infection and sexual behaviour, it [Papua] looks a lot like East Africa, circa 1992.

(Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan)


Microchip me, microchip you, MPs told” by Angela Flassy and Suherdjoko in The Jakarta Post 2008-11-28

Jayapura Support Group for HIV/AIDS activist Robert called on all HIV/AIDS-related NGOs not to be riled by the legislators’ proposal, who he said were most likely using the bylaw as a mechanism to attract voters ahead of the 2009 legislative elections.



  1. Yikes. I doubt it will happen. And at least if Britain considers this, we can now say “oh, yes, that was invented in PNG”. Which should end it.

    Comment by altairah — Wednesday 330 @ am

  2. Indonesia, not PNG, but hopefully still sufficient to dissuade Airstrip One.

    Comment by zundel — Wednesday 330 @ am

  3. Update: Read Pisani’s comments.

    Comment by zundel — Wednesday 330 @ pm

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