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Why Mumbai

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Strategic Motivations for the Mumbai Attack” by George Friedman in Stratfor 2008-12-01

Strategically, the attack on Mumbai was a precise blow struck to achieve uncertain but favorable political outcomes for the Islamists.

Pakistanis certainly will withdraw forces from western Pakistan and deploy them in eastern Pakistan. … Washington’s expectation of greater Pakistani cooperation along the Afghan border will disappear along with the troops. … The Taliban’s ability to fight would increase… US forces, already stretched to the limit, would face an increasingly difficult situation…



  1. Why reduce the name to “Islamists”. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to use “Islamic extremists”?

    Comment by JM — Wednesday 337 @ pm

  2. Presumably Friedman uses “Islamists” for convenience.

    Comment by zundel — Wednesday 337 @ pm

  3. If the terrorist attack on Mumbai leads to a response that draws the Pakistani military away from Pakistan’s boarder with Afghanistan, it could benefit the Taliban. Though the Taliban attempt to enforce an extreme interpretation of Islam, they fight in Afghanistan for control of territory, power, self-preservation, and perpetuation, not religion or religious interpretation.

    The attack on Mumbai came from Laskar-e-Taiba (LET). LET has attacked India before, with the goal of ending Indian rule of Kashmir.

    Various governments of Pakistan, and various factions in Pakistan, have supported both LET and the Taliban.

    Both LET and the Taliban come from US support during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

    The Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan emerges, again, as the center point.

    This goes back to the partition of India, sixty years ago, the division of Hindu from Muslim, and continued dispute over the northern territories.

    Comment by zundel — Wednesday 337 @ pm

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