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Fast v Good

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An old maxim of engineering: You can have it fast. You can have it cheap. Or you can have it good. Pick two.

The internet: email, this blog, that blog, those news sites; emphasizes immediacy. Now.

But even the most fluent, of which I am not, produce dreck when they hurry. So we waited for useful analysis of the attack on Mumbai. And still wait for consideration of the implications.

If you read through the jargon, this article presents some useful ruminations.

Getting Real About Agile Design” by Cennydd Bowles in A List Apart 2008-12-02

There comes a point at which compromises become too great, however. In the words of Alan Cooper, “there is no large group of people out there waiting in a breathless delirium to purchase your lousy product.” Best-to-market usually beats first-to-market…

The iPod and iPhone provide examples of best-to-market beating first-to-market.

And Bowles presents a useful analogy:

Filmmakers operate in a similarly agile fashion, filming scenes in an order dictated purely by logistics. To ensure vision, coherence, and narrative continuity they employ specialists: directors and script supervisors.

This hurry will not cease. So we need greater patience proportionate to the hurry in order to disregard the dreck.
Oh yes: the internet is always cheap, and time is always expensive.


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