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Pakistan’s next

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Next Steps in the Indo-Pakistani Crisis by George Friedman in Stratfor 2008-12-08

The first view holds that Pakistani officials aid and abet terrorism

In this view, Pakistan’s civilian government has only as much power in these matters as the army is willing to allow.

The Indian government chose to make this demand [the 20] precisely because complying with it is enormously difficult for Pakistan.

Contrary to Freidman, I don’t expect much; perhaps some airstrikes.

[Pakistani withdrawal from their Afghan border] might open the door for more aggressive operations on—and over—the Afghan-Pakistani border by American forces

My thought all along: getting the Pakistanis out of the way might improve US operations near the border.

In our opinion, the relative quiet at present should not be confused with the final outcome



  1. ok, that’s interesting. I doubt India would relish being stuck in the middle with US on 2 sides. And then I was right about this: http://www.topnews.in/us-uk-had-intervene-prevent-indopak-war-296290

    Comment by altairah — Tuesday 343 @ pm

  2. US on 2 sides?

    Comment by zundel — Tuesday 343 @ pm

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