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Reinventing conservatism, one tweet at a time” by Julian Sanchez in Law & Disorder at Ars Technica 2008-01-02

The movement was always a somewhat uneasy coalition of market enthusiasts and social traditionalists, defined at least as much by what (and who) they opposed as by any core common principles. The Palin strategy—recapturing that oppositional unity by rebranding the GOP as the party of cultural ressentiment—is just a recipe for a death spiral. Conservatives don’t need to figure out how to promote conservatism on Facebook; they need to figure out what it is they’re promoting. [emphasis in original]

What gets lost in the “bottom-up versus top-down” frame is that the left has managed a more useful symbiosis between their grassroots and their intellectuals. [emphasis original]

It has?


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  1. Yes. It has.

    The left’s moral relativism is defended and practiced by the intellectual elites as well as the middles and lower classes. The right’s moral certainty is proclaimed across classes but only practiced by the intellectuals and elites when convenient. Public knowledge of transgression simply means that public rehabilitation is required before forgiveness is received, and the cycle starts again, usually with a better publicist. Moral regression or slippage by the right’s lower and middles becomes a public secret and community gossip until it become “old” news, and people go on as before.

    The left community supports its members at all levels, though “excessive” excess is considered bad taste. The right community condemns its members at all levels, and everything not “normal” is considered a sin. So the difference is that the left’s symbiosis is a comfortable one, while the right’s symbiosis is guilt-ridden and sadomasochisic.

    The opposite holds true for the accumulation and display of power and wealth. The right is relatively comfortable with it and the left is not. (Jacobs’ systems of survival fits in here nicely.)

    Of course there’s more to left and right than this, but this is a significant distinction.

    Comment by =Eric — Monday 11 @ am

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