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What is George Scialabba Good For?” by Mark Oppenheimer in AGNI online 2009

(…seeing the skeptical social democrat Scialabba get in the ring with the pop-psychologizing Malcolm Gladwell would be tasty)

For the left, Lasch’s critique of capitalism was profoundly discomfiting, because it posited “progress” as anything but. “For Lasch, then,” Scialabba writes, “modernization was not the solution but a new form of the problem—the problem, that is, of domination.”

Making the Case for Intellectuals” by Maureen Corrigan on Fresh Air 2009-04-28

Scialabba says: “Though nearly everything Trilling wrote had an ultimate political relevance, almost nothing he wrote had an immediate political reference.”


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  1. An interesting writer, though I have to admit that what first grabbed my interest was his scanty nod to Gladwell, of whom I’m very fond. (Shall we be judged by those whose works we admire? I hope so.)

    I particularly like his reviewer’s take on Scialabba’s take on Lasch — whom I’ll now also have to read. That Utopian hopes might best be exemplified by modeling joy. (I like that.) That access to wealth might be leveled a bit. (The goal of socialism should not be to make every man master of his own productions, but to make life a bit easier for those less fortunate and a bit harder for those who leap over barriers with ease. Ummm, duh!)

    Like I really need another literary distraction just now — which probably means that I really do need a few literary distractions just now.

    As always, thank you.


    Comment by Eric Bagai — Friday 183 @ pm

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