Sunday 268

Your tax dollars at work

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Silliest damn thing in quite a while.
Great way to promote a book.

Pentagon destroys thousands of copies of Army officer’s memoir


Saturday 267

Illegal Predator

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So, the CIA uses aerial drones to assassinate people.
Obama has authorized more clandestine drone assassinations.
Some of the software that guides those drones is stolen and buggy.

So, the CIA conducts illegal assassinations using aerial drones.
And kills the neighbor, the wrong guy, because they use stolen and faulty software.

Sadly, none of this surprises.

Great article from the The Register.

CIA used ‘illegal, inaccurate code to target kill drones’

Wednesday 264

Twitter security breach

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Twitter had a major security breach yesterday.

malware hazard

Twitter Closes Web Hole After Attack Hits Up to 500,000

Twitter worms spread quickly thanks to blatant security flaw

You cannot control the security of Twitter.

You can choose not to use it.

Or if you use it, and other sites with large security risks, like Facebook, make sure your system is secure.

You don’t want their security mistakes corrupting your files or system, or breaching your privacy.

Security does not come from paying for dubious security software on top of an insecure system.

Global Virus Alert! ZoneAlarm’s scare tactics raise hackles

Use a secure web browser, not any version of Internet Explorer.
And run it in an environment that will limit possible damage.
If you must runs Windows — pray.

Linux is not invulnerable.
64-bit Linux: important security vulnerability identified
But it does get fixed quickly.

And stay on top of security alerts — read.
Don’t rely on your system fixing itself.

Wednesday 250

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) security flaw

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I posted the first public warning of this to my Facebook wall on Sunday.

Nasty Data-Stealing Bug Haunts Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft had plenty of time to fix this before it became public.
They still have done nothing in the past few days.

Microsoft investigates public IE CSS XSS flaw; Twitter, Hotmail vulnerable

This is a serious vulnerability.

Stop using Internet Explorer.
Use Chrome or Firefox.
They fixed the problem.

[Yet another example why I stopped using anything from Microsoft years ago. They don’t take their users’ security seriously. Many better alternatives exist.]

Monday 248

Phone multitasking

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iPhone iOS 4.0 multitasking is horrible: Apple blew it

Software licenses

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If all the software used actually got paid for…

BSA hands out £10k bounty to unlicensed software whistleblower

Friday 245


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SmartBar screen shot
At last something so good and useful for Android that I have to write about it.

Android runs multiple applications at the same time (unlike iPhone 3 and earlier). And mostly it takes good care of itself.

But sometimes it’s nice to take control.

I’ve tried numerous task managers, but the one that really inspires me is SmartBar.

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