Saturday 344

The Punishment of Success

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AIM, the Adult Industry Medical Foundation, the most accomplished and successful sexual health organization in the US, and a national resource, continues to get attacked by unrealistic zealots and public officials on a turf war.

AIM Office To Reopen Tomorrow During Dispute With Health Dept.

L.A. City Council: Deny Film Permits to Non-Condom Shoots

The pragmatic and successful get harassed by the bureaucratic and political.


Friday 343

The Wisdom of Whores

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During December you can download a free ebook version of Elizabeth Pisani‘s The Wisdom of Whores.

Wednesday 334

Glass broken – Windows insecure, still

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This gets redundant — and tedious.

Microsoft Windows operating systems, including the latest version Windows 7, have flaws that allow a program to run with more privileges and less security. The security within Windows doesn’t work. If a piece of malicious software gets on your computer, such as through the broken Microsoft Internet Explorer, that software can do anything, and without your knowledge, such as send spam or spread viruses.

Newly discovered Windows kernel flaw bypasses UAC

New Windows zero-day flaw bypasses UAC

Do not use Windows for anything that requires security, like email or banking.

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