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Glass broken – Windows insecure, still

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This gets redundant — and tedious.

Microsoft Windows operating systems, including the latest version Windows 7, have flaws that allow a program to run with more privileges and less security. The security within Windows doesn’t work. If a piece of malicious software gets on your computer, such as through the broken Microsoft Internet Explorer, that software can do anything, and without your knowledge, such as send spam or spread viruses.

Newly discovered Windows kernel flaw bypasses UAC

New Windows zero-day flaw bypasses UAC

Do not use Windows for anything that requires security, like email or banking.



  1. And…

    Researchers Bypass Internet Explorer Protected Mode

    If you use IE, bad things will happen to your computer.

    If you use AVG to protect from viruses, well…
    The mandatory update may have frozen your system.

    Some Windows 7 Operating Systems Cannot Be Started After Latest Update

    In short, life with Windows sucks. Basta.

    Comment by zundel — Saturday 337 @ am

  2. December 2010 Patch Tuesday will come with most bulletins ever

    Enough said.

    Comment by zundel — Friday 343 @ pm

  3. Microsoft confirms new Windows zero-day bug
    A thumbnail image, a thumbnail! can compromise a Windows PC. Give up already.

    Comment by zundel — Tuesday 3 @ pm

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