Tuesday 17

Plethora of open source music making

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Making music in Linux and beyond by Anders Bylund in Ars Technica 2011-01

Audacity … And the interface is as easy to use as ever—anecdotal evidence comes from a non-geek friend of mine whom I was able to guide through creating a theatrical sound effect he needed (a ship falling off the edge of the world), from downloading Audacity for the first time to a finished and usable effect, in less than 45 minutes. That was a remote assist via instant messaging.

Rosegarden … This is a fine example of how chaining various programs together can achieve astonishing effects with some elbow grease and know-how, and it’s also one reason why this program doesn’t play well with Mac or Windows systems. The expected array of helper programs just isn’t available on those platforms.


Tuesday 3

Not driving in California

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Court OKs searches of cell phones without warrant

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