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Security Recipes – Introduction

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Does the background rumble of geeks chortling at the screw-ups of HBGary make you consider doing something about the security of your computer?

But you won’t give up Windows ’til they pry it from your cold dead fingers?

There’s a lovely bit about that with Vincent D’Onofrio at the beginning of the first Men in Black movie. Go watch the video. (This is your bank account on Windows.) I can wait. You’ll come back in a better mood and better motivated.

We all laughed at that.
Except, this time, you’re the meat-puppet.

Malware hasn’t gotten that aggressive — yet.
But it’ll take your banking access, your email, and your identity.

Major banks have warned against using Windows to access your banking.

You have received embarrassing spam from your friends. You might have sent it.

Microsoft makes lovely operating systems — for botnets, malware, and spam.

Your computer could be taken over right now and sending out spam. Do you know that it isn’t?

Not much you can do about your bank’s security except choose a better bank.

But you can control your own computer.


  • Security Recipes – A.1 – Hardening Windows XP


  • A.2 – Hardening Windows 7
  • B – Virtual Machines
  • C – Wubi
  • D – Dual boot
  • E – Encryption

Why? Just the latest.



  1. There’s been an up-tick of Mac sales to business and government. (Despite Apple quietly abandoning the business market years ago.)

    This strikes me as a version of the Python Maneuver: “Run away! Run away!” The intellectual laziness of American business is how we got here in the first place. They, and we, would rather buy something than do a bit of research and a little work.

    Comment by zundel — Saturday 49 @ pm

  2. This is really bad advice:

    Computer Security? Forget Prevention, Think Minimization.

    And unintentionally hilarious using l33t slang for a supposed attempt at street cred. It’s as bad as a white person speaking jive (Airplane! excepted).

    This is what Forbes is publishing? No wonder things are in such a bad state.

    Unfortunately, once you’ve done your best, once you’ve got your computer systems up-to-date, your anti-malware running, and your security people trained and adequately funded, all you can do is wait and see what happens.

    Oh that’s bad. If you need to run anti-malware that means your system is open to attack and you need to check for malware. You could instead secure your system. And you can do a hell of a lot more than “wait and see what happens.” This is really bad advice.

    Comment by zundel — Sunday 50 @ am

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