Friday 76

Who secures the securers?

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The antics of HBGary were just amateur farce and revelation of unsurprising incompetence and bs.

This is serious.

**Updated** RSA Breached: SecurID Affected

Very serious security just took a very serious hit.



Saturday 70

Unpatched Internet Explorer

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Switch to Chrome.

New Attacks Leverage Unpatched IE Flaw, Microsoft Warns

An Internet Explorer flaw made public by a Google security researcher two months ago is now being used in online attacks.

The flaw, which has not yet been patched, has been used in “limited, targeted attacks,” Microsoft said Friday

Public for two months, still not patched, and now exploited. So glad to see that they’ve started taking security seriously.

Friday 69

iPhone 3G left insecure

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Apple bans iPhone 3G patch omission talk from forum

An iOS 4.3 update […] includes a number of critical security fixes, is incompatible with both the iPhone 3G and older versions of the iPod Touch.

Dear Apple,

Following the reviews of the new IOS 4.3 release I was absolutely baffled that Apple is leaving a major segment of their customers vulnerable to security issues in the iPhone.


Thursday 68

A letter on behalf of the world’s PC fixers

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A lovely and poignant little rant

A letter on behalf of the world’s PC fixers

I have gone about as far as I can here to make it clear why your approach to the way your laptop drives your business, mixed with your approach to the way that people in the computer business sell things to you, adds up to a disaster waiting to happen.

Friday 62

Where’s my phone?

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The remote Android Market (app store) goes beyond convenience into real utility.

Plan B

Android: in emergencies, refer to Plan B

Wednesday 60

Not Windows

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I have heard from clients complaints about the frustration on web discussions of Linux.

I have read the discussions on occasion and have seen the frustration.

I think I recognize it.

Many on the discussions seem to look for a recipe to follow to fix some problem. And then presumably run this script on their machine. This approach comes from Windows. Near random hacking on Windows stems from the opacity of the system. And causes all sorts of problems.

Tuesday 59


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I’ve always done website mock-ups in html/css.

I come to it as a programmer: I pseudo-code in html, then build up pages and the site.

Working on it visually has always seemed mistaken to me. Web pages flow. Drawings don’t.

Why we skip Photoshop from 37signals

Read the comments.

Html/css should never get pushed to pixel perfect. It breaks that way.
Graphic designers should not become web designers.

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