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iPhone 3G left insecure

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Apple bans iPhone 3G patch omission talk from forum

An iOS 4.3 update […] includes a number of critical security fixes, is incompatible with both the iPhone 3G and older versions of the iPod Touch.

Dear Apple,

Following the reviews of the new IOS 4.3 release I was absolutely baffled that Apple is leaving a major segment of their customers vulnerable to security issues in the iPhone.

iPhone and BlackBerry brought down in hacker competition

If you update your iPhone, my exploit won’t work

During Day One of Pwn2Own on Wednesday, the Safari and Internet Explorer browsers toppled under the weight of vulnerabilities that gave attackers full control of the underlying machines. No one attempted to hack Google’s Chrome browser.

Making sport of browser security, hackers topple IE, Safari

Contestants in a high-stakes hacking contest had no trouble toppling the Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers

Wednesday’s event saw hackers take complete control of a fully patched Sony Vaio and MacBook Air by compromising IE and Safari respectively.

The result was an attack that reliably commandeers a Mac when Safari visits a website that hosts the malicious code.



  1. Anybody still wonder why, after years, I stopped using Apple?

    Comment by zundel — Friday 69 @ pm

  2. […] iPhone 3G left insecure (zundel.wordpress.com) […]

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