Saturday 30

Off to Idaho

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Fin by Keith Wesolowski

Want a ranch hand?

Meanwhile the most trumpeted “advance” of the last 10 years at the bottom of the stack is UEFI, which replaces parts of the system firmware… with a slightly modernised version of MS-DOS. It’s painfully obvious that the sole purpose of UEFI is to enable Microsoft to continue collecting royalties on every computer sold, a brilliant move on their part given the steady decline of Windows, but an abomination for everyone else. UEFI solves no problems for the operator, customer, or OS vendor. If anything, it creates more of them. There’s a better way to do this, but my central observation is that the solutions that would be better for everyone else are not those that would be best for the vendors: AMI, Microsoft, and Intel are quite happy with their cozy little proprietary royalty machine and have no incentive to engineer, or even enable others to engineer, anything better. The bottom of the stack is designed to serve vendors, not customers.

The net result of all this is that we have data centres occupying many hectares, filled with computers that are architecturally identical to a Packard Bell 486 desktop running MS-DOS long enough to boot a crippled and amateurish clone of Unix circa 1987…


I became a bicycle mechanic (by accident).
Not nicer people.
Not nicer businesses.
But more pleasant problems.

We, computer tech, have great tools. I love using them.
But the problems became old, repetitive, and uninteresting decades ago.
Didn’t matter if I developed or customized accounting software or recovered another server hosed by a rank amateur with all thumbs. Old uninteresting problems.

Bicycles have old repeated mistakes (stuff known a hundred years ago). I try to avoid those. But the day to day problems, what needs fixed, I enjoy.


Friday 29

How it’s done

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Making it Virtually Easy to Deploy on Day One by John Goulah

Oh hell yes.

Some people just set it up better than others.

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