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Libraries speak

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In Praise of the Town Library” by Michael Gorra in The Smart Set 2007-10-13

I too have walked into various towns’ libraries. They tell you things about the place.

I remember the library in Schwerin, Germany, in an otherwise purposed building. I went to find an atlas, to confirm what I suspected: that I had crossed into the former East Germany. They had no atlas from before 1989.


Wednesday 358

Dissent on architecture

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Learning from Venturi” by Christopher Caldwell in The Weekly Standard 2008-12-29

It will be surprising if Mark Rothko, Henry Moore, Josef Albers, and Andy Warhol are still preoccupying any serious person (let alone commanding top dollar) 50 years from now.

Gerhard Kallmann’s Boston City Hall still sits like a Stalinist mausoleum on an empty, windswept plaza…

What makes Learning from Las Vegas so fascinating is this trick of deploying one kind of crap to discredit another.

The boy who says the emperor has no clothes does a service even if he has no “blueprint for governance.”

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