Saturday 357

Mozilla to the rescue

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English: This is a icon for Firefox Web Browser.
The Firefox web browser has had a great year. It keeps getting better and better.

The upcoming projects of Mozilla, the makers of the Firefox, promise to help promote an open and free internet.

You knew the old Moxzilla, now meet the new Mozilla

Mozilla’s 3 bold bets to keep the Web open


Friday 62

Where’s my phone?

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The remote Android Market (app store) goes beyond convenience into real utility.

Plan B

Android: in emergencies, refer to Plan B

Tuesday 3

Not driving in California

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Court OKs searches of cell phones without warrant

Monday 248

Phone multitasking

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iPhone iOS 4.0 multitasking is horrible: Apple blew it

Friday 245


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SmartBar screen shot
At last something so good and useful for Android that I have to write about it.

Android runs multiple applications at the same time (unlike iPhone 3 and earlier). And mostly it takes good care of itself.

But sometimes it’s nice to take control.

I’ve tried numerous task managers, but the one that really inspires me is SmartBar.

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