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A nice gift from a Couchsurfing guest

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One Part Creativity: Zero Parts Recipe” by Jennifer Reese in Slate 2009-06-02

Ordinarily I find cooking enjoyable and restful; this was exhilarating and slightly exhausting. With mad-scientist fervor, I baked a few cakes (1 part egg: 1 part sugar: 1 part flour: 1 part butter), including what I would consider my crowning achievement, a green tea sponge cake. Flavored with Japanese matcha powder, this was a confection of fluffy, buttery beauty, the color of honeydew, tasting distinctly of tea. Having never before in my life “invented” a cake, I was ridiculously pleased. Yes, I know someone else has probably already invented a green tea sponge cake, but don’t rain on my parade. I’d had a breakthrough: After decades of following other people’s recipes, the anti-recipe book helped me to invent a few of my own.

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Bacon Butter

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Stealth fat, the other white…

Lard” by Regina Schrambling in Slate 2009-06-02

Has so many good uses

[from A&LD]

They eat lard.
[from Altaira]

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Hiding the Evidence of a Bacon Addiction” by Ariel Ramchandani in More Intelligent Life 2008-12-10

at least not until someone explains what part of turkey is the pork-belly part

further subversion:

happened to casually mention spice cookies using bacon fat instead of butter

recipe: seriouseats.com

and yet more: the first squeal of the aporkalypse

Ham and eggs: the chicken was involved; the pig was committed.

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Mao Feng

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Having a really lovely cup of green Mao Feng I bought from Tao of Tea. Highly recommended.


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