Monday 18

I’d like a pony too.

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New malware scam claims Obama to resign. Hint: It’s not true” by Joel Hruska in Ars Technica 2009-01-19

I’d like nothing better than to write an article come 2012 describing how users were no longer fooled into downloading unknown EXE files from websites with URLs like “superyearcard.com,” particularly when the link source was an e-mail written in badly-mangled English.

I’d also like a pony.


Tuesday 12

A long line of maiden aunts

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Of A E Housman:

A fellow don described him as being “descended from a long line of maiden aunts”.

Me too.

Sunday 3

Use the source, Luke.

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I felt a great disturbance in the source, as if thousands of apt-get repositories had cried out in pain, and were suddenly silenced.


Monday 349


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Hiding the Evidence of a Bacon Addiction” by Ariel Ramchandani in More Intelligent Life 2008-12-10

at least not until someone explains what part of turkey is the pork-belly part

further subversion:

happened to casually mention spice cookies using bacon fat instead of butter

recipe: seriouseats.com

and yet more: the first squeal of the aporkalypse

Ham and eggs: the chicken was involved; the pig was committed.

Friday 332

Quote of the day

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Re:Break down the stereotypes!” by earlymon on Slashdot 2008-11-28

Creativity is not the exception—it is the norm. Introspection is a strict requirement for the creative mind—it is denigrated as introversion. Excitement and a need to express excitement over complex work is denigrated as yet another computer-wearing-tennis-shoes running his mouth without social skills. [emphasis added]

Thursday 317

Quote of the day

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‘Break, Blow, Burn’: Well Versed” by Clive James in The New York Times 2005-03-27

The proud motto of every suckerfish is: we swim with sharks.

If we want a book to do more than what it does, that’s a condemnation. If we want it to do more of what it does, that’s an endorsement.

Read this well written review. It fires a slightly slow day, and inspires me to get on with rereading those introductions to WW1 poets.

Tuesday 315

Quote of the day

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Obama’s vanishing agenda: Calm down, have some dip” by Julian Sanchez in Ars Technica 2008-11-11

The chances of the president-elect surreptitiously pivoting on any issue of greater moment than his new puppy’s eye color are, to a first approximation, nil.

Tuesday 308

Quote of the day

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Turn-ons include long moonlit walks and Robert Nozick. Adjust your Bayesian filters accordingly.

Laugh about it, shout about it, when you’ve got to choose” by Juilan Sanchez in Ars Technica

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