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John McCain

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Trying to get elected president requires taking advice well.

John McCain did not take advice well.

Working as president also requires taking advice well.

Going into Battle” by Evan Thomas in Newsweek 2008-11-06 as part of “Secrets of the 2008 Campaign

His aides had trouble coaching him because the very act of telling him what to do could incite a rebellion.

“There aren’t very many politicians who are instinctively as good as John at saying, ‘I got it. New campaign? No problem’,” said a close adviser. “His whole career is all over the map. This is not like Ronald Reagan— ‘Here’s what I believe, I’ve never changed in 20 years.’ This is John McCain, so change is a little bit quicker. He’s like, ‘OK’.”


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2008 US presidential election results population cartogram

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Informative map from Mark Newman, more at linked website.

2008 presidential election results population cartogram

2008 US presidential election results by state adjusted for population

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The colored country

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Presidential Election: Winners by County” from the Washington Post

The best map of presidential election results I’ve seen so far. I still look for a map by congressional district.

Wednesday 309

No surprise, but…

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Reality adjustment exercises recommended.

Say Barack Hussein Obama to yourself a few times—out loud: Barack Hussein Obama. Again.

Now say President elect Barack Hussein Obama. Again.

This is different.

Now what?

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With two wars, a financial crisis, and fundamental transportation and economic problems, Obama will have to solve pressing problems before embarking on new projects.

It is an amazing moment. This will be interesting.

2008 Elections Gallery from Google

Global Electoral College from The Economist

How Bush Destroyed the Republican Party : Rolling Stone

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How Bush Destroyed the Republican Party” by Sean Wilentz in Rolling Stone 2008-09-04

George W Bush

By systematically replacing the bipartisan lobbying ranks with GOP hardliners, DeLay attempted to make Republicans the only party with whom corporate America would be allowed to do business — a partisan power grab of breathtaking audacity.

The Republican Party, having presided over the longest conservative political ascendancy in U.S. history, now finds itself out of touch with the American people, held hostage by radicals who have forsaken basic values like respect for the Constitution and the rule of law.

Tuesday 308


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Analysis: on eve of election, problems… Again” by Jon Stokes in Ars Technica 2008-11-03

I could drag out ten or so articles from the 2002 midterms through the primaries of 2008, change only the dates, and we’d have a pretty good description of the present problems with early voting in this election.

The infrastructure of our democracy is fragile, unprepared for a massive turnout, and shamefully insecure. As in years past, it’s a national disgrace. And as in years past, here’s to hoping it’s fixed the next time.

Will Your Vote Count?” by Rachel Abrams in More Intelligent Life 2008-10-29

Did you know that a black American voter’s ballot is 900% more likely to get “lost” than a white person’s?

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