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Unpatched Internet Explorer

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Switch to Chrome.

New Attacks Leverage Unpatched IE Flaw, Microsoft Warns

An Internet Explorer flaw made public by a Google security researcher two months ago is now being used in online attacks.

The flaw, which has not yet been patched, has been used in “limited, targeted attacks,” Microsoft said Friday

Public for two months, still not patched, and now exploited. So glad to see that they’ve started taking security seriously.


Thursday 54

Security Recipes – A.1 – Hardening Windows XP

Microsoft makes operating systems — for botnets, malware, and spam.
Especially Windows XP.

Nothing can make Windows XP adequately secure.
If you must use Windows, upgrade to Windows 7. It has better but still flawed security.

If you must use Windows XP, do not connect the computer to the internet.

If you connect Windows to the internet, you must update.

Tuesday 52

This is your bank account on Windows

malware hazard

Read this:

Sold a Lemon in Internet Banking Krebs on Security

An online bank robbery in which computer crooks stole $63,000 from a Kansas car dealership illustrates the deftness with which cyber thieves are flouting the meager security measures protecting commercial accounts at many banks.

The controller didn’t know it at the time, but thieves had already compromised his Microsoft Windows PC with a copy of the ZeuS trojan, which allowed them to monitor his computer and log in to the company’s bank account using his machine.


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