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Privacy law

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FISA op-eds from a parallel universe” by Julian Sanchez from “Law & Disorder” in Ars Technica 2008-12-09

The idea of privacy can help constrain governments. But never mistake the idea for a reality.

With increasingly easy surveillance, governments will conduct more surveillance. Violations of privacy have more tolerance than violations of security.


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Injudicious Wikipedia

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Judges told repeatedly to stop using Wikipedia” by Nate Anderson in “Law & Disorder” at Ars Technica 2008-11-13

Note to judges: Wikipedia is officially unreliable.


Employees of the Department of Homeland Security, clearly not the brightest folks, but unfortunately perhaps average, used an article from Wikipedia as evidence in an asylum case.
So does Wikipedia become a journal of record?

Asylum-seeker rejected based on Wikipedia, appeals court reverts” Ryan Singel in “Threat Level” at Wired 2008-09-02

Future U.S. asylum seekers are well advised to make sure the Wikipedia page about, say, Burma’s repressive government are adequately dire before submitting their application.

Do read the comments:

How…what the…how fucking stupid are these people?

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