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Ubuntu 10.10

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Ubuntu 10.04 is a lovely operating system: fast, stable, elegant, and easy to use. If you need a new operating system, use it: there’s nothing better. And as a long term support release, coming every two years, it will have update support for three years.

Ubuntu 10.10 was released over two weeks ago on 10.10.
I tested it for two weeks. It offers no great improvement over version 10.04.
But, I now run 10.10 on my primary machine (Ubuntu makes a netbook rock).
It’s better.

Software Center is much improved in 10.10, and I use it often. With thousands of tested and free programs available, when I need to do something, I go looking for a program.

And 10.10 looks better in ways that improve productivity.
It’s All In The Looks
Mighty Minutiae
This is not eye candy for the sake of eye candy or to show off whiz-bang. (You can make windows wobble if you want to, but don’t). (But I have a netbook doing some very fancy animations for task switching: I like it that way.)

The folks making Ubuntu understand how good design can make using software easier and pleasurable. They understand it better than anyone has since Apple once did. They now surpass Apple. My Mac began to bug me a couple of years ago. Now, Ubuntu gives me little moments of pleasure at its elegance. If you like good design (and performance and stability) try Ubuntu.


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