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Pity Nokia developers

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Symbian C++ to WP7 migration questions – 2011-02-12 05:1

This is going to suck.

Monday 44

Wither Qt?

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Stallman is annoying. And often right. I hate that: that he’s annoying, and often right.

We must own our own tools (a very old idea). Else they will get taken from us. Beyond a hammer, the only way to own our own tools is for no body to own them. (Eric Raymond meet Eric Gill.)

My machines are on a couple of really small chips clipped to a belt loop at my hip. I can and have plugged them in and gotten to work. They have gotten past governments, fixed clients systems, and done full installs. (I must get around to fully wrangling GRUB.)
They are my tools.

Stallman made this possible. (And many others.) Thank you.

In case you missed it, Nokia has partnered with Microsoft. Hmm….
Don’t care how it goes for either of them (use Android). Could be bad, could be good; whatever. (Nokia and Microsoft: good for Finland, risky for Redmond by Peter Bright)
They jumped from a platform they let molder into …. lava? (Cue music.)

But Nokia owns Trolltech and Qt.

Nokia new strategic direction. What is the future for Qt? by Daniel Kihlberg, Director of Qt’s ecosystem, on Qt’s official blog

Aron (Nokia) February 12, 2011 at 1:38 pm
Qt will not be ported to Windows Phone 7.

Qt just died as a mobile framework. Symbian will die. Qt will have no mobile platform.
Qt Mobility and Symbian developers, many, just lost a business.

What use does Nokia now have for Qt? What reason do they have to continue developing and fostering it?

Sometimes open source is not open enough.
Oracle took over Sun, and a lot of leading open source projects. And pissed-off developers with record speed. And lost Open Office to the developers. Innovation and development now go to Libre Office.

Now either Nokia lets go of Qt (probably not, not their style). Qt gets liberated. (We’ll see.) Or development in Qt stalls and dies.

Nokia’s ownership of Trolltech and Qt, and change of direction, just wiped out an immense amount of very good work.

Six months ago Nokia promised Symbian – MeeGo – Qt. Now Nokia has lost the developers.

No more work in encumbered systems and frameworks, no matter how sexy.

The Finns conquered the Norwegians, how history turns, but it turned out badly.
If Trolltech had just licensed Qt GPL in the first place and remained independent.

How this all connects with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, Microsoft, and payments to Nokia, you can investigate for yourself.

(Coming soon in future updates to Windows Phone the very modern technologies of copy-and-paste and multitasking — ah, Schadenfreude. This may go as well as the Zune.)

And BlackBerry will run Android apps.

(Now where did I put that Debian image?)

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