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Neocon next

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Will Hillary Clinton serve as the neocon wing of the Obama administration?

Where Have All the Neocons Gone?” by Jacob Heilbrunn in The American Conservative 2008-01-12

The neocons, who had started out as Trotskyists, espoused a social-democratic program in domestic policy.

…US Institute for Peace and Holocaust Museum task force on genocide … new report … could prove almost as influential for the Obama administration as the neocon-inspired “Defense Planning Guidance” of 1992, which called for American unilateral domination of the world, was for George W Bush’s presidency. … The report’s aims are noble, but it is essentially a stalking horse for liberal intervention. It would create a permanent bureaucracy with a vested interest in insisting upon armed interventionism whenever and wherever the US pleases… [emphasis added]

[from A&LD]


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