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Illegal Predator

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So, the CIA uses aerial drones to assassinate people.
Obama has authorized more clandestine drone assassinations.
Some of the software that guides those drones is stolen and buggy.

So, the CIA conducts illegal assassinations using aerial drones.
And kills the neighbor, the wrong guy, because they use stolen and faulty software.

Sadly, none of this surprises.

Great article from the The Register.

CIA used ‘illegal, inaccurate code to target kill drones’


Tuesday 343

Pakistan’s next

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Next Steps in the Indo-Pakistani Crisis by George Friedman in Stratfor 2008-12-08

The first view holds that Pakistani officials aid and abet terrorism

In this view, Pakistan’s civilian government has only as much power in these matters as the army is willing to allow.

The Indian government chose to make this demand [the 20] precisely because complying with it is enormously difficult for Pakistan.

Contrary to Freidman, I don’t expect much; perhaps some airstrikes.

Thursday 338


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The attack on Mumbai comes from 1947 and 1978.

Pakistan’s alliance with the US in no way guarantees safety or stability. Nor should the alliance exclude scrutiny.

The reality of Pakistan presents much greater dangers than whatever aspirations Iran might have.

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