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Virtual private server setup

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A good article, that misses a most crucial point.

First and foremost, I strongly recommend doing test builds of virtual servers on your own hardware.

The ABCs of virtual private servers, Part 2: Getting started

Because of how virtualized host servers are set up, adding more memory or hard disk storage often comes at what seems like a ridiculously high price.

The promised flexibility of virtual servers doesn’t always work out. Crossing the equivalent of a bracket costs. So have some idea of the range of your needs before starting.

Friday 48

Virtual Servers

Only a few reasons remain for running your own server:

  • You have one and haven’t yet gotten around to transitioning
  • You think doing your own maintenance will cost less
  • You need really high performance and tuned hardware

Otherwise, you should consider a virtual server.

The end of a faithful server

The ABCs of virtual private servers, Part 1: Why go virtual?

The above article provides a useful chart of VPS providers.

At least consider using virtual servers on your own hardware.
It doesn’t have the advantage of a service’s redundant hardware, but you gain the easy backup and redeployment of virtual servers, and it makes a good transition path to full VPS.
LXC is the lightest and most efficient technique for isolating and managing processes.
KVM is the most efficient method for running virtual machines.
(Avoid VMware: they have an installed base but are no longer competitive.)

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