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Voting problems look isolated

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Voting problems look isolated” by Carol J Williams and Noam N Levey in the Los Angeles Times 2008-11-05

One of the most troubling problems, watchdogs said, was the mass e-mailing, text-messaging and robocalling of falsehoods, such as warnings to college students that they could lose financial aid or face arrest for outstanding tickets if they voted.

Hackers sent out untold volumes of fabricated government alerts claiming that voting had been extended to Wednesday because of the huge turnout.


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Analysis: on eve of election, problems… Again” by Jon Stokes in Ars Technica 2008-11-03

I could drag out ten or so articles from the 2002 midterms through the primaries of 2008, change only the dates, and we’d have a pretty good description of the present problems with early voting in this election.

The infrastructure of our democracy is fragile, unprepared for a massive turnout, and shamefully insecure. As in years past, it’s a national disgrace. And as in years past, here’s to hoping it’s fixed the next time.

Will Your Vote Count?” by Rachel Abrams in More Intelligent Life 2008-10-29

Did you know that a black American voter’s ballot is 900% more likely to get “lost” than a white person’s?

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